New! Burlesque Fitness, Solo Salsa, Hip Hop Yoga & Cardio classes at Floor Polish

We’ve just added a bunch of new classes this Fall!

There’s now Burlesque Fitness twice a week, taught by Lola Torch. She’s an accomplished Burlesque performer and she created this class to build strength, flexibility, and most importantly, confidence in your body! It’s a low-impact fitness class with exercises for arms, legs, and core with sexy burlesque-inspired playlists. No stripping or dancing, just proven techniques from barre, pilates, ballet, and yoga to lengthen and tone your fabulous body. Monday & Wednesday at 4:30pm.

What is Solo Salsa? Are you totally interested in learning to Salsa dance, but don’t have a partner? Don’t want to dance with a bunch of strangers? Really wanna hit the dancefloor with friends or hog the spotlight for yourself??? This class is for you. Olivia taught Salsa in NYC and is teaching us beginners the hot moves. We learn basic steps, “shines” which are cool flair moves, and choreographed combos in this really fun class. Bachata, cha cha cha, and other Latin dances are included too. Saturday at 6pm.

Our resident hip-shaking instructor, Kimberly, is teaching the new Hip Hop Cardio class. If you’ve been to one of her Zumba classes, then you know that she is a pro at down low hip grinding, booty popping, amazing body rolls, shimmies, and hair flinging! And now we get a chance to learn how to do all those moves. Kimberly breaks some choice moves down before songs, and you still get to do a bunch of fierce choreography to get your cardio burn on to Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and more. Thursdays at 7pm.

Hip Hop Yoga is like a match made in heaven. What better way to start your Saturday morning (after sleeping in, of course) than with some physical and aural flow? Alice’s new class is a vigorous vinyasa yoga class that really warms up your body with creative poses that flow into eachother, and then some sweet restorative poses at the end to leave you feeling great. Her mixes of unique hip hop music weave an excellent vibe throughout class. Saturday at 11:30am.

See the full schedule of Floor Polish classes here: Class Info and Schedule