June 17, 2016

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with Shannon   Mondays 1pm
A music-centric yoga class, Switched On Yoga is built around gentle Hatha and Bikram yoga inspirations. Instructor Shannon creates a fresh playlist every week to fit the flow of moves. It’s designed to leave you feeling lighter and funkier than when you came in the door. All levels welcome. ($6 or punchcard)

with Lola   Mondays 4:30p, Wednesdays 4:30p
Taught by a professional burlesque performer and fitness instructor. This class is inspired by the art of burlesque and builds strength, length, posture, and flexibility to help you feel great in your body. Focus on arms, legs & core muscles & always with sexy fun playlists. ($6 or punchcard)

with Tasha    
Mondays 5:45p, Thursdays 4:30p
Total Bod is a head to toe experience, using your bodyweight to gain strength and flexibility. It’s done on a yoga mat and features a bumpin’ playlist to keep you going. This is a low-impact workout, high intensity workout for any body. You will get longer, stronger, more defined, and way more flexible! Modifications are available to help you feel successful, no matter your fitness level. ($6 or punchcard)

with Olivia
   Mondays 7p
In Group Salsa we will learn and practice basic Salsa dance steps, intermediate combos, and learn a new choreography piece every week! It’s a group style class without partners. Olivia brings her experience teaching Salsa in NYC and especially loves solo moves, or “shines” and uses a wide variety of music, sometimes classic Latin, sometimes contemporary. If you are looking for a unique take on salsa dancing and want to learn without a partner, this is the class for you. Some basic dance experience is recommended. ($6 or punchcard)

with Olivia   
Tuesdays 5:45p
This is not your little sister’s tap dance class. Learn the tap basics and make some noise! New choreography every week set to music ranging from Beyonce to Nirvana. Tap shoes are recommended but not required (wear hard-soled lace-up shoes if not) Beginners and those with tap experience are welcome. ($6 or punchcard)

with Sarah   
Tuesdays 7p
This cardio dance class thrives on percussion-heavy rhythms. Follow along to full body dance moves that get you sweating & rolling with the beat. Sarah incorporates street dance and calisthenic moves, building up a progression that is fun and engaging for your soul and muscles! Current techno, world, and pop hits set the tone for this class. Ends with a sweet strength conditioning session and cool-down stretch. ($6 or punchcard)

with Marina
  Wednesdays 5:45p
High-energy Dancerobix. Let’s dance our way through a mix tape of great music! With a smorgasbord of styles like old school hip hop, cumbia, disco, bollywood, & big hits, each song has unique, easy to follow moves. Cardio Party-O is great for people who don’t love gyms or don’t necessarily have a dance background. This class has more of an independent feel for music and choreography, and fosters a house party or community atmosphere. ($6 or punchcard)

with Terra
   Wednesdays 7p
Did you know that belly dancing is also a great workout? Learn classic belly dance techniques, conditioning drills and fun dance combos. This is a high energy class that will improve your overall fitness. All levels welcome, no dance experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, bring a hip scarf if you have one. Terra is an accomplished dancer and instructor with the Xanadu dance troupe, she is excited to get you shimmying! ($6 or punchcard)

with Shannon   
Thursdays 1pM
I album, 1 class, 1 hour (approximately). Take time to listen to a record and be with your body. Shannon picks the music and moves fresh every week! ($6 or punchcard)

with Lola   
Thursdays 5:45p
Every body (& every booty) wants to do this class! It’s a low-impact mat class chock full of exercises to strengthen all your gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and lower back. Join us in a fun supportive atmosphere where we challenge and celebrate the booty! ($6 or punchcard)

with Christine    
Thursdays 7p
Turn up the attitude and celebrate your body no matter your size, shape, or gender. Femme features flowing and dynamic movement from vogue, modern, urban, and classically feminine dance forms. We’ll dancehard and learn new choreography every week. Crank those hips and flip that hair, exploring how to move your body and connect with your fierce femme side. ($6 or punchcard)

with Monique    
Fridays 7p
Come learn Bachata, a people’s dance from the Dominican Republic that’s become popular all over the world! Bachata’s slower tempo and easy steps differentiate it from salsa and cumbia, and it shines with soulful expression. If you’re a beginning dancer, this class is a fun way to practice Latin dance with great music and moves you can take out on the town. If you are looking for a unique take on Latin dance, this is the class for you. No partner required. Some basic dance experience is recommended. ($6 or punchcard)

with Mandy    
Saturdays 10a-11:15a
This gentle yoga class invites you to come as you are with a safe and nurturing environment. Instructor Mandy Bergstrom LMSW, RYT200 is a mental health therapist and All Bodies Rise Yoga teacher. She teaches gentle yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as tools for healing mind and body. “The goal of yoga is not to fit our bodies into the shape of a pose, but to use movement and breath to create a deeper awareness of our minds, our bodies and our world. Anyone can do this, regardless of ability, mobility or age”. ($6 or punchcard)

with Alice
   Saturdays 11:30a
Come join us in an hour long Vinyasa flow yoga class that’s invigorating and restorative. It’s the perfect way to start your weekend, Upbeat and set to a choice hip hop soundtrack with digable beats and rhymes. ($6 or punchcard)

with Marta    
Sundays 10a
This is a donation-based yoga class that benefits humanitarian aid groups in the borderlands. All proceeds from class go to a designated group each month. Check our class calendar for specific information. Hatha yoga class suitable for students of all levels. (Donation-based)

with Michelle
   Sundays 12p
In this dance class we will groove to the diverse songs and global beats of Bollywood music, learning moves that come from classical Indian dance as well as modern Jazz, Hip-Hop, and more. This infectious blend is what makes Bollywood so awesome. Michelle is an experienced dance instructor who has studied Bollywood with a professor of classical Indian dance & has continued her education through multiple programs. She will teach authentic techniques and share the history behind them, as well as create fun themes and choreography each week. Beginners and all levels of dancers are welcome. ($6 or punchcard)


with Alexsey   Sundays 8p
Slow & low will be the tempo in this yin-based yoga class, inspired by a Sabbath-worship and doom metal soundtrack. We will go through a slow sequence of low-impact, “passive” poses, to stretch and rejuvenate the connective tissues with some much needed lovin’ in the most metal of yoga classes. ($6 or punchcard)