Salsa Dance Class for LGBTQ+ Partners in Tucson

Rainbow Salsa is coming September 9th, 2017, the first in a monthly series at Floor Polish Studio. All of our regular dance and fitness classes are always open to people of all genders, but there is a definite lack of gay-friendly, same sex, or LGBTQ+ partner dance classes and events in Tucson. That’s why we are starting Rainbow Salsa, a class specifically for gay, lesbian, trans, and queer partners.

It’s a one hour introductory class, $15 per couple. Beginners are welcome. Instructor Olivia, and her partner Nadia, will teach basic partner salsa steps in a supportive and inclusive setting. Join us as we bend gender norms and have fun!

The Floor Polish studio is  just off 4th ave, next to Public Brewhouse and Ermano’s back patio. (Free parking can be found on 4th ave or 9th street.) We have only bike parking in front of the studio. You can pay with cash or card, no pre-registration is necessary. Just show up!

Floor Polish
215 N. Hoff Ave
Tucson, AZ