Rainbow Salsa dance class for lgbtq partners at Floor Polish Studio in Tucson

Salsa Dance Class for LGBTQ+ Partners in Tucson

Rainbow Salsa is coming September 9th, 2017, the first in a monthly series at Floor Polish Studio. All of our regular dance and fitness classes are always open to people of all genders, but there is a definite lack of gay-friendly, same sex, or LGBTQ+ partner dance classes and events in Tucson. That’s why we are starting Rainbow Salsa,[…]

MAST calls us a “rad new space”

MAST is a beloved independent, lady-owned boutique & creative collaboration in Tucson, located at the Mercado San Augustin. Floor Polish is featured in their latest journal article, “Meet Your Maker No. 3”, together with blacksmith Carson Terry and the new Southern Arizona Work Space adjacent to EXO Coffee Shop. Read about them all here: MAST Meet[…]


Tucson Weekly wrote about us!

Wax On Local musician and dancer Marina Cornelius makes fitness fun at Floor Polish By Laura Horley Whether dance, cardio, pilates or yoga, the classes at Floor Polish are aimed to promote personal fortitude. “My vision for the space is definitely disco roller rink,” Marina Cornelius, the founder of Floor Polish says. “I’ve always thought[…]